Article Gérontechnology juillet 2009

D. Guénaux, V. Ly, F. Hervieux. UbiQuiet: Fighting loneliness and analysing environment and habits as a whole.
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In 1950, 12% of the population in developed countries was aged 60 and older compared with 19% in 1998 and possibly 28% in 2025 (1).

Meanwhile, the number of health professionals and home caregivers is lowering.
In France, there are 1,100,000 people older than 85 years. In 2015, it will be 1,900,000 (2). The number of Alzheimer’s ills are estimated at 650 000 (3).
These alarming figures reveal two other realities: elderly people will live longer alone and monitoring their home and habits will become a necessity. In this context, UbiQuiet is a non intrusive telecare solution that aims at offering independent living to its users by giving them the ability to stay in their home with little or no assistance from a caregiver (3,4).

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